Thursday, August 04, 2005

Senator McCain and Madelaine Albright write to Chavez to voice their concern about Sumate case

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alienanobis said...

WAKE UP USA! We are your allies, your traditional friends, partners and admirers. Do not continue to let us down! We need your help! We must avoid Bay of Pigs type abandonment. COMMUNISM is riding a rebound wave, headed by the tyrant, and murderer, Hugo Chavez, and his puppeteer: Fidel Castro. We miss Ronald Regan dearly, the evil empire vanquisher; if he were alive today, these terrible things would not be happening.

We thank Senator McCain and Madelaine Albright for their efforts, and hope that we may see some action soon. I don’t mean war, or anything physical, just continuous and unrelenting pressure (diplomatic, financial, business, media and international organizations). European communists, disguised with a false democratic patina, and posing “as democratically oriented socialists” must be faced and neutralized, and their secret world domination agendas must be EXPOSED!

Neo-Castro communism is flourishing in Venezuela and rapidly spreading throughout the Americas. A Cuban clone is duplicating itself in Latin America and can now be found in the US’s backyard. Civil liberties sequestered, recurrent genocide, torture, checks and balances have been obliterated, political prisoners held without due process; all made palatable -even pretty- to foreign opinion and media, disguised under a very thin layer of democratic varnish. Chavez is being sold as a 21st century socialist Robin Hood, defending the poor against the US Empire and it’s evil neoliberalism.

The US is crying wolf in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, when the big bad wolf is already in its own backyard. Ch├ívez, an admirer of Osama Bin Laden and a friend of the infamous Jackal, Castro, Marulanda (Head of Colombia’s largest horde of drug trafficking guerrilla terrorists) Mougawe, Kaddafi and of Saddam Hussein, is here to stay. Remember: a friend of my enemy is my enemy.

Although a Venezuelan by birth, I was brought up in the USA (grammar school, high school and college); my sons are USA citizens, and one of which is a war veteran in the air cavalry. I consider the USA my second homeland.